Lincoln City Police Department


Chief of Police, Keith Kilian


*The Lincoln City Police Department has a new Drug Tip Line (541) 994-9800*

For all other non-emergency calls that are not drug-related call (541) 994-3636


The organizational structure of this department is designed to create an efficient means to accomplish our mission and goals and to provide for the best possible service to the public.

The Chief of Police is responsible for administering and managing the Lincoln City Police Department.  There are three sections in the Police Department as follows:
Administration Division
Operations Division
Investigation Division

Administration Division

The Administration Division is commanded by the Lieutenant whose primary responsibility is to provide general management, direction and control for the Administration Division.  The Administration Division consists of the Dispatch Center and the School Resource Officer.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is commanded by the Chief of Police whose primary responsibility is to provide general management, direction and control for that Division.  The Operations Division consists of Uniformed Patrol, Evidence Property Room, Code Enforcement and the Records Center.

Investigations Division

The Investigation Division is commanded by a Lieutenant whose primarily responsibility is to provide general management, direction and control for the Investigation Division.  The Investigation Division consists of General Detectives and the LINT Detective.
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Animal Control

The Lincoln City Police Department currently contracts with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office for formal Animal Services Deputy (ASD) services.  Animal complaints originating within Lincoln City should be made to the Lincoln City Police Department's non-emergency telephone number of (541) 994-3636.

Code Enforcement

As a sworn member of the department, the Code Enforcement Officer is empowered through the Lincoln City Municipal Code to enforce violations of any Lincoln City ordinance designated as a civil infraction. The Code Enforcement Officer shares many of the same duties as the Uniformed Patrol Section. They are tasked with receiving and investigating complaints regarding alleged violations of the Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinances such as property maintenance violations, private property parking violations, zoning violations, licensing and permit compliance issues, sign codes, etc.

Communications Division

The basic function of the Lincoln City Police Department Dispatch Center is to satisfy the immediate information needs of the Lincoln City Police Department and North Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department in the course of their normal daily activities and during emergencies.  Communications Specialists are responsible for the receipt and handling of all incoming and transmitted communications, including but not limited to 9-1-1 lines, normal business phone lines, TTY devices, radio communications with fire, EMS, and law enforcement units.

Citizen Ride-Alongs

The Lincoln City Police Department Ride-Along Program is available for any interested citizen residing-in or visiting the city.  The Ride Along Program is available on most days of the week, with the times from 10:00a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Exceptions to this schedule may be made as approved by the Chief or Lieutenant.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division of the Lincoln City Police Department consists of two general investigation Detectives and one Narcotics Detective that is assigned to the Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team (L.I.N.T.)  Our Detectives are responsible for leading investigations into major crimes such as murder, arson, serious assaults, sex crimes, kidnappings, robberies, cases that require specialized training and expertise as well as other complex and time consuming cases.

Patrol Division

The Uniformed Patrol Section is the backbone of the Lincoln City Police Department and is the largest section within the department.  The safety and protection of Lincoln City residents and guests is Patrol's highest priority.  The goal of the Patrol Section is to provide the highest quality professional services to all in keeping with the Lincoln City Police Department Anchors:  Loyalty, Compassion, Pride, Dedication, Courage, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Service.

Records & Property Room

The Lincoln City Police Department's full-time Administrative Assistant or his/her designees address all requests for routine releases of police reports. The Chief of Police may review all other non-routine public records requests.  Our Property & Evidence Technician assists the agency by ensuring that all submitted property items are packaged, cataloged, and stored properly and also assists the Administrative Assistant as needed.

Reserve Officer Program

The Lincoln City Police Department Reserve Unit was established to supplement and assist regular sworn police officers in their duties. This unit provides professional, sworn volunteer reserve officers who can augment regular staffing levels.  Currently, the Lincoln City Police Department is not able to accept applicants that have not completed a basic reserve police officer academy or graduated from the DPSST basic police academy.

School Resource Officer

Our School Resource Officer is a specially selected and trained Senior Uniformed Patrol Officer whose primary assignment is within the local schools for the purposes of:  Enforcement; Law-related education; Counseling; and mentoring students.
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